Friday, April 23, 2010

Road Photo Friday: "¿Camarones, Señores?"

I just returned to rainy Kansas from a nice day or two off the coast of Galveston, Texas fishing for red snapper.  We caught a ton of them -- they weren't in season, but the 20 pound brutes were still a ton of fun to haul in.

The trip reminded me of the photo above, which I took a couple of summers ago while fishing about 20 miles off the coast of Port Mansfield.  We were on our way back into port after a successful outing when our captain abruptly changed course towards an anchored shrimp boat.

We idled up to the Michael S. and our guide shouted, "Camarones, senores?"  The Mexican shrimping crew threw us a rope, we tied off, and the exchange began.  Our captain pulled a case of Bud Light out of the cooler, and handed it to the Mexican mate.  In return, we received a garbage bag full of freshly caught shrimp -- probably 15 pounds worth.  Not a bad trade at all.

That night we feasted on a lowcountry boil and washed it down with Shiner Bock (we saved the good stuff for us) while we watched the sun set on the Laguna Madre.

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