Friday, May 14, 2010

Contemplating 1, 10, and 41

May 14 oughta be a national holiday around here. 

For one, it marks the first anniversary of this little mishmash of thoughts known as 8 More Miles.  A little over a year ago, I promised myself that I'd carve out a little space (and time) for me to write about whatever the hell I wanted to write about, and do it somewhat consistently.  By that standard, I think I've succeeded.

Crazy and addicting things, these blogs are.  They are no doubt narcissistic -- a wonderful place to contemplate the glory of me.  But as much as writing my own posts, I love checking in on an almost daily occurrence to see what others -- yeah, those guys (and gals) to the right -- have on their minds. 

And the comments... well, they're what keep me doing this.  So thanks to those who have read and actively participated in this little endeavor.

The second 5/14 observance around here is Dottie's 10-year-old birthday (yes, I remember her exact birthdate, for reasons you'll soon learn).  She's about the best bird dog and companion that a guy could ever hope for, and traipsing this big country with her in search of birds has been more enjoyable than I could ever imagine.  Is she a "finished" bird dog?  It depends on your meaning of finished.  She's rock-solid on point, but once the gun goes off, she's in search of the next covey.  That's not her fault -- I'm no more steady to wing and shot than she is.

And I'm pretty certain she's got a couple more field years left in her, too.  She's still got the same drive she's always had -- but her lemon markings are whiting out and her eyes are slowly getting milky and starting to betray her youth.  Of course, that's much easier to notice when there's a 15-week-old mini-Dot chomped down on her ear.  I know that this fall, she'll provide tranquility in the chaotic midst of breaking in a new pup.

Finally, I'm 41 today (there's that narcissism again).  While last year's birthday was a two-day to-do with Reckless Kelly, I'm taking it easy this year.  There's not a damn thing I need -- I'm blessed with a fine family, close friends, an incredible job, a free country, and an abiding faith. 

So I think I'll just take the afternoon off, pick up my son from school, and hopefully he can shoot the Tom Turkey that's been teasing us all season.  Wish us luck.


  1. Sounds like a damn good day to me. Happy Birthday, SW.

  2. Happy Birthday! You're exactly two years and one day older than me. Mine was the 15th...

  3. You are starting to catch up to some of your old friends in Iowa. By the way - we more updates on the pup!