Monday, September 13, 2010

Who Gets The First Call? Help Me Decide!

Faithful readers, we hunters are an odd lot.  We pine all spring, all summer, for the fall season to finally get here.  And as the various opening days draw nigh, we freak out.  I need to fix the lock on my topper.  I really should have shot more clays this summer.  How many pairs of liner socks do I have?  Shit, I missed the sale on Laphroaig!

But the conundrum facing me at this moment is which dog do I put down on Wednesday for the beginning of the Kansas prairie chicken season?  Seems silly, I know, but I think about these things, not unlike a college football coach who has a QB controversy on his hands.  I suspect I am not alone. 

Here are the choices -- pluses and minuses.  Vote in the poll box to the right of this post.  Voting ends Wednesday at noon -- about the time I arrive in the Land of Chickens.

DOTTIE (10 year old pointer)
  • Pros:  she's my pro.  She knows the drill, and she's hardly ever let me down.  She's also gotten the call for every season that we've hunted together.
  • Cons:  she's recovering from surgery.  She's been cleared by the doc, but her conditioning is nonexistent.

VEGAS (6 year old shorthair)
  • Pros:  she's in good condition, and although she's a late bloomer, she impressed in late season 2009 and during training this year.
  • Cons:  she's pretty close-working, and my goal on Wednesday is to make some bird contacts so I know where to go when my hunting buddies arrive later in the week.

LULU (8 month old pointer)
  • Pros:  she's a puppy.  It's a new season, so why not start it with my newest?  The dog can certainly cover the ground, and she has a great nose.  She'll undoubtedly bust birds, but if she's a miscreant, there's no one else to offend.
  • Cons:  she's a puppy.  If I need to explain, then you're at the wrong blogsite.  Go here instead.
Please vote, folks.  And feel free to add comments as well.  If you think I ought to put two down, vote that too... although I'm already going to insist that if it's LuLu, it's her alone.  I need all my focus on her!


  1. Toss up. LuLu would be good choice as you are trying to find birds, and like you said hunting by yourself. May bust a few, but she can cover ground. Dot, well do we need to say anything, 10 years as starter and would hate to put her on the bench now. Vegas - probably the work horse for you this weekend. No offense to Vegas, but coming off the bench tomorrow.

  2. Could you do a combo platter and hunt the vet first to get her some conditioning and pay homage to her greatness in the past and then run the rookie seeing as you will be running solo and its a great way to work out the kinks. Just my .02.

  3. I'd go with the old lady first, symbolically if nothing else, and then turn out the pup. Bookends, as it were...

  4. Hmmm. I guess I'm in the minority, but I'd give Vegas the nod first. She is in her real breakout season I think. It would be best to give them all a shot on opening day. Lulu might just surprise you?

  5. Nice problem to have. I voted for Dottie, but I'd see who's most excited on opening day.

  6. Vegas gets the start, bring Lulu out for 1/2 day, let Dottie sit it out, she's earned the rest and the conditioning does matter.

  7. Sorry man, I missed the vote. Where's the all of the above category?! Can wait to hear about the results.