Monday, November 15, 2010

The Best Hunting Gear & Gadgets You Never Knew About - Enter and Win!

Anyone that even remotely knows me understands that I'm something of a gear freak. I can't help it. I completely understand that no amount of technology can take the place of experience and dedication, but dammit, hunting gear is just plain fun!

It doesn't have to be specifically designed for hunters though -- in fact, it's even more enjoyable if it's not. Nor does it have to be expensive. I love discovering little-known or little-heralded tools or technology that make our lives afield just a bit easier.

Not sure what I mean? Here's just a smattering of my must-have hunting tools and technology:

Sirius-XM Satellite Radio. For a hunter who spends long hours on the road, this is really must-have technology. Commercial-free, hi-fidelity music makes those long miles fly by, and it's great to have the news when you need it (Three years ago, I fondly recall getting word in remote Montana from XM that the economy had cratered and my 401k was all but worthless). My only complaint is the college football lineup is pretty haphazard.

Little Giant Duraflex Feed Bowls. These rubber bowls don't absorb bacteria, can be hammered on if they freeze over, and are chew-proof save for the most determined dogs (cough-LuLu-cough). Plus, they're skid-proof and they don't make all sorts of noise when kicked around a kennel like a steel bowl. They can be found at any Tractor Supply or Fleet farm for six or eight bucks apiece. I've had a couple for nearly 20 years now.

Moist Towelettes. The maximum bang for the minimum buck, bar none. Did you just clean an entire covey of quail in the middle of nowhere? Eliminate the avian influenza heeby jeebies with one. Did that eight-mile hike leave you a little less-than-fresh? Fake a bath with one. Was that Allsup's two-for-one breakfast burrito special a bad idea? You get the idea.

So what's your favorite outdoor or hunting gear? Post your submissions in the comments section - all (reasonable and appropriate) entries will be thrown in a cowboy hat and one lucky winner will be chosen at random by Jack. The winner will receive one new Boyt hunting vest, size large, as well as the undying adulation of your peers and complete strangers.

And now for the half-assed legalese...

Estimated MSRP of the vest is approximately $100.  Vest may vary from previous hyperlink, but it's the closest I could find.  Winner to be announced on this blog on Thanksgiving Day. If you don't want the vest, enter anyway... you can designate the winner. Undying adulation is at the sole discretion of peers and strangers. Boyt Harness or its subsidiaries are in no way affiliated with this contest. Each entrant may include up to three entries (each different product will be considered a separate entry). Scampwalker will pay for ground postage to winner. No warranties are expressed or implied. All entrants agree to completely indemnify Scampwalker's blog and real-world persona from any liability or damages. Final decisions are solely that of Scampwalker, and more importantly, Jack. No whining. And no, I am not an attorney, but I know some good ones. Keep it clean, legal, and have fun!


  1. 1. Thick textured latex gloves - best feather pajama stripper known to man.

    2. Superfeet Insoles - Adds years to your life.

    3. Kershaw Wing Sheers - They're just the best for cutting through bone.

  2. General Grabber AT 2 – Aggressive all-terrain tire with lots of siping for wet weather traction, 6 yr/60k mi warranty, about 2/3 the price of BFG AT with slightly higher user rating (Tire Rack).

    Cheap Fillet Knife – Makes breasting out birds a snap. One cut down the middle, one cut to the side, a flick of the wrist on those stubborn little spots, and you’re done. Just like fish, once you get your technique down it will take no time at all. BPS has a nice folding one for $10.

    Cabela’s All-Leather Mountain Hikers Boot – Thick, one-piece leather upper, Gore-Tex, gusseted tongue. Have had mine for 7 years, all they need is a polish and they are as good as new. Aggressive sole holds mud and thick leather takes longer to break in, but it’s worth it for how tough these boots are.

  3. Best gadget? Maybe not a gadget, but I love my waterbox. (similar to this one, but mines and older brand: I always put down water when I stop, and when I travel that means I pour out a LOT of water. This things holds more than a gallon, travels without spilling, and doesn't waste water.

  4. A French Snap leather lead, a perfect way to cinch up your potliker when you are trying to put all 32 collars on him or her while they are jumping and pawing like Wildebeast with a sex starved monkey on its back. Seriouly they work great, try em.

  5. A good truck, a good radio, a cheep camra, a good knife, your tent, a dog,your trusty boots and a shotgun. Hot to be a outdoors man