Monday, January 17, 2011

"I Have A New Level Of Respect For Christopher Boykin."

That sentence was uttered last night by my ten-year-old son Jack.  Who is Chris Boykin?  Why, he's the Guinness Record Book holder who peeled and ate three bananas in less than one minute.

My son knows that because he read it in a book he checked out from the library over the weekend.  It was a record he thought he could beat.  The Guinness guys stipulate that to become a valid world record, he needed two witnesses and videotape.  The result is below, and is not to be missed.


  1. Oh Jack,
    Sorry you didn't get very far in the banana eating contest. I have a solution.... come to Saint Lucia where the bananas are half the size of yours, and oh so sweet. We eat them for breakfast daily.

  2. Good Grief that was great! I was drinking my coffee and actually spit some out at one point...

  3. How many record attempts have been hampered by giggling?