Friday, March 4, 2011

Road Photo Friday: World's First eCollar

I snapped this shot a couple of weeks ago at the National Bird Dog Museum a couple of weeks back, while visiting Grand Junction, Tennessee for the recently-concluded National Championship.  It reminds me of the old World War Two radios you'd see in black and white photos.  I bet that it used to shoc-- er, stimulate the hell out of dogs back in the day, don't you?

A cursory internet search (always reliable, of course!) doesn't offer much history on the collar.  It's pretty rough around the edges, I'll say that.  The Bill Boatman Company is a venerable dog supply company -- I can remember reading their photocopied mail-order catalog as a kid.  But I'm not certain if the company actually manufactured these units, or if they were simply a reseller.  Any ideas, anyone?

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