Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guest Post: My First Pheasant

I had been pheasant hunting several times before, all being unsuccessful. But then my dad and I got an offer for a youth pheasant hunt on a game preserve near Lawrence. I had been looking forward to it for quite a while. Finally though, the time came. We drove down there, met the other two kids, and then got ready for a round of warm-up trap. I am proud to say I only missed one. (Several of my shots were from port arms, too.)

After that, we started walking through some milo, and a few birds got up. However, I didn’t have good shots on them. Sometime near the end, on the very last milo strip, a perfect bird got up, moving slowly into the wind. I shouldered my gun and brought that bird to the ground. Later, I cleaned the bird all by myself. In fact, it is on the smoker right now for dinner tonight. I had a super amount of fun and hope to do it again, this time a wild bird over one of my own dogs.


  1. Way to go Jack! It gets better every time, every single time.

  2. Watch out, Scampwalker, it looks like your replacement Blogger is online now! What a fun post!

  3. Good job, Jack! We enjoyed your post. Good hunting and good writing!

    GB & RD

  4. Well done, Jack! Congratulations. First pheasant and first blog post all in one week. Slow down. You're making your uncle feel old.

    And just a little bit jealous.

  5. Well done, Jack! Nice writing and nice shooting. It's great to see young people like yourself getting an introduction to hunting.