Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Am So Wealthy

Derby Day is winding down at Casa Scampwalker, and I am booking flights to Kenya for a 10-day African safari for my family, including my bird dogs. We're all flying first class, and after spending a couple days in Nairobi acclimating and sightseeing, we'll head to the bush for a safari, and I'll be able to brag that my pups have pointed birds on two continents.

Not really. But wining $28,440 in fake dough in the Kentucky Derby will make you think that way. We each were dealt $3500 in Monopoly cash, and placed our bets. I threw the most money at the favorites, Friesan Fire and Dunkirk (beautiful gray horse), but I also happened to put $700 on Musket Man and $500 on Mine That Bird. Hey, I liked their names... muskets and birds? Would you expect anything less? Anyhow, Jack-freakin-pot.

Speaking of Jack, he was the only other one to win any money... he had a PioneerOf the Nile bet come in that just about made him even for the day. He says he hates gambling because he hates to lose money (this from the kid who will gladly drop five bucks in the candy aisle). As long as they continue to lose in our silly family bets, I think they'll stay away from the blackjack tables.

So no exotic safari is in the cards, but Kathleen and I did find some good-looking bone-in KC strips on sale at The Hen. Not a bad celebration of a good day.

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