Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pirates, The Solution

I read this morning that despite the safe resolution of the Maersk Alabama pirate standoff, the buccaneering off the Somali coast shows no signs of stopping. That made me think about a conversation I had a couple weeks ago with some buddies while turkey hunting down in southeast Kansas. Fixing the problem is simple, cheap, and very effective: let Bubba do the job.

Recruit a handful of country boys that understand both self-reliance and the importance of shot placement, and put one on each boat. Offer them a decent salary, give them a dialed-in .300 Win Mag and a Mossberg 500 tactical 12-gauge, and a chance to see the world. I'll guarantee you the Somali thugs won't stand a chance.

Worried about martime law? Seriously? Would any court in America convict a homeowner of manslaughter (much less murder) for shooting a group of armed individuals who set foot on their property with the intent to cause bodily harm and steal property?

The only reason the pirates have succeeded is because they know there's very little risk. It wouldn't take too many 300-yard shots to hit their mark before these cowards decide to take up a less-risky profession.

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