Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Are You Doing, Dave?*

I have two members of my family that I've not formally mentioned, yet are becoming increasingly indispensable. They're our robots, Fuzzy and Dustin.

I know... robots are the things of sci-fi Jetsons and 50's-era Popular Science magazines. Well, I'm here to tell you folks, that they live among us. And we must let them control our lives. First is Fuzzy, or more properly, Neuro Fuzzy.

You've never heard of Neuro Fuzzy? It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, Skywalker.
Sorry, that was a bit of Han Solo coming back on me. Neuro Fuzzy is a rice cooker. The Best Flippin' Rice Cooker On Earth (as well as the Dagobah System). Seriously, we've thrown gumbo rice, sticky white rice, brown rice, wild rice, and sushi rice into Neuro Fuzzy's sizable maw, and he throws down the grain that's loved by damned near 8 billion Asians, plus a bunch of the rest of us. But the best testimony? I fixed a woodcock, wild turkey, and wild boar gumbo for my office last fall, with Fuzzy in tow, cooking up some Texmati. I work with a few first-gen Asians, and I caught them whispering in awe at The Fuzz. Instant cred... and the gumbo won the departmental cookoff that year, by the way.
The other robot I love is Dustin, our Roomba. I'm late to the party on this one, I must admit. Both Nothemingway and Mrs. Scampwalker's sister has one (or more) of these 'bots, and now I know why. Roomba is a robot vacuum. And a damned fine one. It may be slower than you, and it may make crazy patterns that are more idiotic than you after a 750 of Makers, but he gets the job done, and well. And it's all while you're doing something else more enjoyable than vacuuming.

So some things are better done by robots. Others, like the fireflies in my backyard, are purely organic, and always should be. So go get 'em. And may the Force be with you. Always.

*Hal, from 2001: A Space Odyssey

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