Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wiley X: Killer Sunglasses

I've never been one to spend a ton of money on designer sunglasses. I'm not much for trendy eyewear, and the ones I do have tended to get dropped and scratched with regularity. And besides, how much better can expensive sunglasses be?

A lot better, I've come to find out. A couple of months ago, I did some pretty serious research on all the premium sunglass manufacturers, and the one I landed on is Wiley X. While they're not as ubiquitous as Oakleys or Ray Bans, they are well-respected in tactical and law enforcement. In fact, that's where I first learned of these guys -- at last year's SHOT Show, when I stumbled on their booth by accident.

After head to head comparisons, I liked the Wileys better than pretty much every other pair I tried on. They fit better and see better than anything I've ever worn. And I chose the Romer II, which have gray, amber, and clear interchangeable lenses -- which means if they get scratched, I'm not out an entire pair of sunglasses. They're certified to stop shrapnel and speeding bullets too -- which, as a hunter, I definitely appreciate. And they look good, too. My only qualm is that I can't seem to find any polarized lenses that fit the Romer II.

I hope this company does well... if you're in the market for some new shades, check them out.

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