Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dispatch From the Prairie

Well, Al Gore's information superhighway hasn't quite hit Halsey, Nebraska, pop. 49. The Verizon aircard works, but at the glacial speed of a 56k modem.

So I'm writing from the Blackberry, which seems to work somewhat better, although I think photos might be pushing it.

The hunting has been tough. The weather is hot... Nearly 80 by noon, which means it's no longer smart to run the dogs. We have seen probably 20-30 sharpies, but many were skittish. I connected on one, and probably could have had my limit had I shot straighter.

All that aside, it's a great start to the season - the cameraderie and the scenery (not to mention the food) hasn't disappointed.

Coyote hunting this evening, and then a much deserved tumbler of Cazadores on ice.

More when I get back to civilization (if I decide to return...)

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