Friday, March 5, 2010

Road Photo Friday: Do Not Move

This photo was taken last fall in Stanford, Montana... and there quite possibly is only one other person in the world who will find it as funny as I do.  I snapped the shot after a long day of hunting huns with Jon, my buddy from Four Seasons of Bird Hunting.  It had been a long day -- and a long week, in all honesty -- and that strange box with the foreboding DO NOT MOVE label struck us as hilarious.  Why was it there?  What was in it?  And why was its owner so dead-set against its transport?

As any hunter will attest, it's these stupid little things that tend to spawn stupid big conversations when you've spent lengths of time on the road. We'd toss back some beers that evening, sneak to the house under the cover of darkness, and move the box six inches... across the yard... on the roof?  Or we'd stuff it full of raccoons.  Of course, none of that ever happened.  But it sure was funny at the time.

Looking at it now still cracks me up... to say nothing of the two satellite dishes bolted on a purple single-wide with a "Seasons Greetings" sign proudly hanging up in early October.  Something tells me they weren't trying to get a jump on Christmas 2009.

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