Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Scampwalker's Wild Game Throwdown

For weeks now, I've wanted to write an end-of-season retrospective to my 2009-2010 hunting exploits, but for one reason or another, I haven't had the inspiration. Maybe it's the time of year -- cold, dark weather and a barren landscape, with the hunting season and football season behind us and college basketball still waiting to really heat up.

So instead of writing a coda to the hunting season, I'm going to cook one. This Saturday night, I've invited over a few hunting buddies to share in the bounty of the season that was. It'll be sans womenfolk and children (our subject matter can get somewhat coarse after a beverage or two) and we'll talk about what hunters universally talk about: memories from the season passed, trip planning for next fall, dogs, arguing over college sports teams, and various and nefarious other topics du jour.

I've decided to do the dinner tapas-style... Spanish for "little plates." After having spent a week on the Iberian peninsula, I can very much attest to the fact that this is a great way to sample a ton of different food without committing to one dish. With all the critters I intend to cook, that'll come in handy. The menu is below, and all the items were either taken by me or my hunting buddies, and other ingredients I'm striving to make as local as possible:

Caesar Salad with Farm-Fresh Eggs

Smoked Wild Turkey and Woodcock Gumbo

Apple Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Hungarian Partridge with Jalapeno Slivers
Twelve-Herbs-and-Spices Southern Fried Pheasant Breast
Prairie Grouse Bratwurst Simmered in Boulevard Stout with Sautéed Onions

Homemade Pasta Rustica with Whitetail Bolognese Sauce
Axis Backstrap Medallions au Poivre

Bacon-Bundled Grilled Asparagus and Green Beans
Chipotle Sweet Potatoes

Guinness Beer Floats

After dinner, there's talk of traveling to Lawrence (designated driver, of course) to see the Randy Rogers Band. All in all, a pretty damn fine end to the hunting season, wouldn't you say?

For those hunting buddies of ours who live elsewhere (or for those we haven't yet met), we'll hoist a glass or two in your honor. Photos and a post-mortem to come.


  1. If you manage to travel after the Guinness Floats, I feel sorry for DD.

    Either way, that's a helluva menu. Enjoy.

  2. Why do you say that? Because of the effects of the alcohol, or the effects of the lactose in the ice cream on my lactose-intolerant GI tract?

  3. WOW!! Wish I could be part of the problem. Sounds great. I always put a shot of blackberry brandy in Guiness Floats. Hmmmm, Baby Ruth and jalapenos...
    Have fun.