Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let The Bounty Begin

It's been about a month and a half since I talked about my garden -- that 20x20 expanse of hope that we planted back in mid-May.

I'm happy to report that the garden is doing fine -- amazing in fact.  That's by no means a brag, I assure you.  Sure, we've set the table by timely planting, watering, mulching, and weeding but nearly every crop in my patch has thrived.  I mean, like moreso than many other accomplished Master Gardeners that are my neighbors.  And I have no idea why.  Maybe there is something to this green thumb thing. 

Whatever it is, it's been a great family affair, and truth told, kind of addicting.  I used to dread pulling weeds, now I actually enjoy it (no such luck for the kids yet).  And walking up to my plot (it's on the neighborhood schoolyards about a mile from my house) is akin to the feeling you used to get on Christmas morning -- you never know what you'll find.

Such was the case over the weekend.  We'd all been looking forward to harvesting the first Early Girl tomato of the season, but we all assumed there'd be little else to do other than pull a few more weeds.  Boy were we wrong.

The tomato was indeed ripe for the picking, and so were peppers (jalapenos, bells, and anchos), eggplant, zuchini, a few green and yellow wax beans, carrots, and a nice boquet of zinias and other garden flowers. 
The kids have hatched a plan to sell any extra produce (the Good Lord willing, I think we'll have plenty) at my office, with the proceeds going to the local food bank.  Hopefully their "Tomatoes For Change" campaign will help some folks out who otherwise might go hungry.

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  1. "Tomatoes for Change" is so 2008. How about "T-Party Tomatoes"? That is getting with the zeitgeist.