Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey NSSF,I Know My Sport Is Dying, But Do You Have To Remind Me?!?!

There's word today from the organizers of the annual SHOT Show that they've redesigned the logo for the king of all shooting and hunting trade expositions.  The new logo, shown at left, is allegedly "strong," "clean," "inclusive" and "modern" -- all good things, apparently, to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Gone is the earnest, shotgun-toting upland hunter with a boot-polishing, panting golden retriever at his side.  I wasn't a particularly huge fan of the old logo, but it made me proud that my sport was was represented in such a high-profile icon.

“Times change and trade shows change, reflecting current buying and selling trends,” said Chris Dolnack, senior vice president of NSSF.  "By eliminating the hunter and the dog, the logo now better reflects the diverse audiences of today’s SHOT Show."

Did you really have to use the word ELIMINATING, Chris?  I mean, I get it.  Hunting is but one portion of the shooting sports pie, and upland hunting is an increasingly smaller crumb of said pie.  Deer hunting, target shooting, tactical and law enforcement are where the money's at these days -- hell, I've even got a black gun.  So I understand businesses need to adapt to where the green is, which is probably why the new logo features a green target.  Fitting, eh?

But still... I just feel so... eliminated.

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