Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Hunchback of Dice Lane

Creepy! But I shouldn't be afraid, right?

I'm really not. But Dottie's lime-sized post-injection lump is a tad gross. It's the first time I've had a dog with an allergic reaction from a normal battery of shots. It's actually gone down since I snapped this photo last night, and a call to the vet confirmed my armchair research that it's generally harmless, if not ugly. For what it's worth, Dot doesn't seem to notice.

Anyone else have a dog that's experienced this kind of reaction?


  1. Can't comment on the bad reaction but it seems the person administering the shot improperly injected directly into the flesh. My vet grabs the skin and pull upwards to form a tent and injects between skin and flesh.

  2. No, I'm sure it was done correctly -- I watched my longtime vet give the injection. It's apparently not uncommon. It continues to reduce, alebeit slowly.

  3. Was this just yearly vaccinations? Anything new this time?

  4. It's pretty much gone now. I wish I had the healing power of my dogs!