Thursday, August 11, 2011

Proof In Concept: GoPro HD Camera on Dog

I've seen others do this, and now that the weather's cooled down a bit, I was able to do some of my own field testing recently.  Here's a movie of a GoPro HD Hero in a waterproof housing mounted on Vegas.  I used the neoprene harness from an old Garmin DC 20 dog tracker -- works pretty slick. 

As you'll see, it's a little Blair Witch Project-ish, but I'm really excited about the possibilities as a dog picks up scent, slows down, and goes on point.  I think the viewing angle is wide enough that I'm going to get some pretty sweet covey rises, and maybe some retrieves, too.  Combined with myself wearing one, we could have some pretty fun videos this fall.


  1. That really is pretty neat! Love the swimming section, especially. Can't wait to see some actual hunting clips and get a sense of what the dog sees as the birds rise ahead. Now if you could just get those final technical details on the 'Smellovision' figured out, we'd really be in for some excitement.

  2. That's pretty slick. I checked out their web site after reading this and talk about getting sucked in to a video. Look forward to the film from bird season...