Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reckless Kelly - Somewhere In Time

Be sure to take a listen to Reckless Kelly's new effort, Somewhere In Time, which hit the streets yesterday.  It's a "tribute album" to Pinto Bennett, one of RK's role models growing up.  It's definitely more straightforward country music than some of their more recent work, but definitely not in the Top Forty Shorty country way (and that is indeed a good thing).  They describe it as a collection of "hardcore cowboy songs," and that's about as accurate a description as I've heard.  So wherever your musical tastes fall -- either twang or crunch -- check these dudes out.

A few buddies and I, including Jon from Four Seasons of Bird Hunting, got a chance to check them out last Friday night in scenic Pittsburg, Kansas and they did not disappoint (though I was a bit surprised they didn't play more stuff from Somewhere).  I'll be excited to see how they adapt these tunes to their live set.  Once again, I was struck by the diverse audience these guys attract -- college fratboys, sorority chicks, cowboys, rednecks, rockers, and families.  It's good to know there are still a few people out there that know good music when they hear it.

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  1. Sweet. Just snagged this album before leaving the house on my Zune pass. Looking forward to giving it a once-over this evening.