Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation: Will It Fly?

This just in to the Scampwalker newsdesk... the fledgling Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation is making a plea to join its cause in this newly-minted press release. (Thanks to an alert reader for sending it my way.)

Read the text for yourself, but to me it appears like this document is heavy on throwing barbs at Quail Unlimited, yet short on details about how it intends to curb the demise of the bobwhite quail. To be fair, it's hard to blame the QUWF's founder, Craig Alderman, for being bitter towards an organization that fired him (even if opinions vary widely about exactly where and how to spread the blame). But if this upstart club is going to be successful, it would seem to me it would be smarter to outline the positive goals of the group instead of settling old scores.

So... on one hand, we've got a QU on life support, hoping to regain some badly-needed credibility. On the other hand, we've got an unproven QUWF struggling to get off the ground. Neither option appears promising, particularly in this stumbling economy.

Thankfully, there's a door number three. I'm finishing up some research and will report on that shortly.


  1. I think if you visit the QUWF website and read the mission statement, they are all about on the ground habitat work.

    Seems like they are on track to hit 50 chapters nation wide very soon, are on several bobwhite techical committees, are signing a new MOU with the USFS, BLM and NRCS and have allready completed habitat work on the ground.

    Not new conservation, revitalized efforts under a stronger flag and now it opens up work for all upland game.

    The founders are all degreed biologists and have spent a mimunim of 15 years each in habitat work on private lands, one with 30 years experience and are all active in on the ground projects for quail; and upland game recovery.

    Don't think you need a third door, just good boots and sweat equity to work in the field.

  2. I've read every portion of the QUWF website, and frankly, there's more substance in your comment than in their website.

    I don't begrudge anyone for taking an active role in wildlife conservation, however they choose to do it. I'm just not convinced that QUWF has the momentum or leadership to become a meaningful organization. Time will tell.