Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Helping to Pass It On

Last weekend, Jack and I had the privilege of attending the Pass It On Outdoor Mentors Bust-A-Clay for Kids' Sake fundraising event.  It was held at Flint Oak, the renowned hunting and shooting lodge in southeastern Kansas.

Pass It On is a nationwide program that helps connect mentors to at-risk kids who aren't fortunate enough to experience the outdoors.  The group hosts camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and shooting events that provide kids with activities and opportunities that they otherwise wouldn't ever experience.  It benefits the kids, the mentors, and helps stem the declining ranks of anglers and hunters.

Jack and I raised money for the group, and in turn, we were treated to a steak dinner, evening auction, and subsequent morning on the finest clays course I've ever had the chance to visit.  It's been called the Pebble Beach of clays shooting, and now I know why.  The grounds are immaculate, and the stations present pretty much every conceivable shooting opportunity.  And brother is it humbling.

But back to the kids.  Organizers say they raised nearly $40,000 for their group last weekend.  I sincerely believe that each and every sportsman should have at least one cause that they're willing to back with their monetary resources and old-fashioned sweat equity.  I think I found my new group.  Some of you contributed to the cause.  A sincere thank you!

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