Sunday, May 1, 2011

Braggin' On Finn: A New Pup On Our String

Meet Finn.  This stylish and exceedingly cute 15-week old setter pup is my buddy Wes' newest edition to his crew.  He's out of Berg Bros Setters in Dayton, Minnesota.  I'm decidedly a pointer guy, but a shaggy dog like this one could certainly sway me.

The pigeon trapping was a little bit slow this week, so instead of going to bigger land where we could run both Finn and LuLu (my year-old-and-then-some pointer pup), we just took the little guy to a nearby park and let him have at the one pigeon we had.  I was really impressed with his drive and nose.  At this age of course, it's all about simply introducing them to new experiences, but even so, it looks like Wes has a real winner on his hands.

On a somewhat related note, LuLu is going under the knife tomorrow to get spayed.  While I think she's got some terrific potential, I've learned over the years that I've got no business breeding bird dog pups, so this seems the wisest route for me.  I've got to get her ready for her formal training this summer.  More on that later.


  1. I'm with you on the breeding program. From where I sit, the positives of spay/neuter far outweigh the negatives.

    That Finn's a looker for sure.

  2. Great looking pup, Scamp! Hope to have a new addition sometime soon as well.

    Good luck!


  3. Good lookin' dog! I'm seriously, seriously considering giving Berg Bros a call. I get on their site almost daily looking at the litter info, and I don't know, I'm almost glad I don't have the money to get one right now, cause if I did, I probably would...

    Next year...