Friday, May 6, 2011

Road Photo Friday: Five Months 'Til Grouse Camp

Right now, northern Minnesota is transitioning from frozen wasteland season into swampy, bug-infested season.  But for a few weeks in mid-October, it's heaven on earth.  Most of the bugs and many of the leaves have died off, yet it's still warm enough that you can sit by the evening campfire in a fleece jacket, sipping whiskey and trading lies.

I snapped this photo at Dan's legendary cabin, where I've been going for what seems like an eternity.  Hunting season wouldn't be hunting season without a visit here every year.  I woke up thinking about grouse camp, so it only made sense to post this shot today.  I owe Dan a much longer essay (something he's pointed out repeatedly), but this'll have to do until then.

Here's to you, buddy.


  1. Awesome photo SW. Gotta get me a place like that, or better yet get me a Dan.

  2. How did you get those hounds to sit in a line like that?! Very nice shot.

  3. Yes, Mark, everyone needs a Dan in their life. And believe it or not brdhntr, it was easy -- just run their asses off for a few days and they get almost as worn-out as we do!